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Fair price, quality price:You can find at any time that the prices of our houses and holiday apartments, open year-round and located in Deiva Marina or in the Cinque Terre, always have a fair relationship between quality and price in all seasons of the year. You will note, however, that they are offered at reasonable prices during the summer season and, at any rate, at the same level as other similar facilities in other locations and really, they are truly competitive during the winter times. During the moths of July and August, being in very high demand, the holiday apartments are less economical. June and September have an average price and the other months have very attractive prices.

Specials and last minute offers in Deiva Marina and Cinque Terre: Although our apartments always have an adequate relationship between quality and price, in certain times of the year, there are some really interesting offers.

When are the special and last minute offers proposed? Special offers for the holiday apartments in Deiva Marina and the Cinque Terre are programmed in advance, and beyond offering lower prices, are generally accompanied by offers for additional services that are not normally included, while the last minute offers are surprise offers proposed at a maximum of one week before.

Here are some:

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