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Cinque Terre, Deiva Marina AND SURROUNDINGS


The five old cities of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso were formerly completely isolated by the mountains and the sea in a magnificent environment of rigorous and wild nature that had a self-sufficient economy. The small groups of houses constructed side by side can only be reached by boat or curving trails that even today are still used by anyone who wants to leisurely discover the landscape silently and on tiptoe so as to not damage the fragile natural balance and the untiring work done by man. Because it doesn't have a specific name, people always called Cinque Terre the five villages and today, what were discovered and appreciated by tourism coming from all parts of the world, can be reached by train and have become part of the UNESCO World Heritage. This name became synonymous with a natural environment, art, history, culture and a small open-air museum.


cinque terre

“UNESCO World Heritage” since 1997

The Cinque Terre, five small hamlets clung onto the rocks, five incomparable villages where the indomitable inhabitants could overpower the arid soil, changing sheer cliffs in fertile fields for olive trees and grapevines.



deiva Marina

between the Cinque Terre and the chic Portofino

Deiva Marina is strategically situated between the Cinque Terre, the famous 5 villages perched on rocks overlooking the sea and the chic Portofino, with its famous square, destination of vip tourism from all over the world.