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Deiva marina

Deiva Marina is strategically situated between the Cinque Terre, the famous 5 villages perched on rocks overlooking the sea and the chic Portofino, with its famous square, destination of vip tourism from all over the world.
Ideal base for visiting eastern Ligurian Riviera, Poets Gulf, the Gulf of Tigullio, Camogli, the Val di Vara, Lunigiana Val d’Aveto, Golfo Paradiso, Genoa.


By car: highway A 12 Genova- Levorno, exit in Deiva Marina. The town centre is situated 8 km away.
A longer but very panoramic road is Via Aurelia, through Passo del Bracco.
If you use the highway exit of Sestri Levante, the former railway tunnel Riva Trigoso, Moneglia Deiva Marina route offers a fast and... unforgettable alternative. Alternating one-way street, regulated by traffic lights: arriving from Sestri Levante, green light at minutes '15 - 35 '- 55'. From Deiva Marina, green light at minutes 00 '- 20' - 40 '.

By train, on Genoa - La Spezia railway line. Train station 300 meters from the town centre. Trains to and from Cinque Terre every hour.

By plane, low-cost flights to Pisa and Genoa and then train or car rental to Deiva Marina. Clelia Apartments’ pick up service also possibile.
Once you arrive to Deiva Marina, the conformation of the town is so simple that everything is close at hand and in walking distance: shopping in family-run foodstuffs shops means fish, local focaccia, fresh artisan pasta, accompanied by smiles, chat and recipes!

deiva marina


Small town of 1,600 inhabitants, during the bathing season, from June to September, Deiva Marina comes alive for the presence of sea lovers but it is never chaotic. In March, April, May and October, Deiva Marina is frequented by hikers from all over the world who love to walk and visit the surrounding towns. They leave early in the morning, come back tired in the late afternoon and close their day with a good aperitif, dinner and a few glasses of wine or beer while chatting with friends. In winter there are hikers who love peace and silence, tourists who know how to appreciate the deserted beach, the flight of seagulls, the stormy sea and the breath of the wind.
From Deiva Marina it is possible to reach the Cinque Terre all year round in a few minutes by train and, in the summer season, also by taking a nice boat trip, with the line that connects Moneglia to Portovenere. It is very convenient to easily reach any destination, with the advantage of being away from loudness in the evening, when returning from one of the many excursions that can be done in the beautiful Ligurian Riviera di Levante, it is very pleasant to have some quiet.


although July and August are the hottest months of the year, those that tourists normally dedicate to bathing, it is still possible to make excursions in the surrounding area avoiding the central hours of the day.
In spring and autumn the pleasant temperature and the not excessive rainfall allow pleasant excursions both on the paths and in the surrounding towns.
Although winter is the coldest and rainiest period, the conformation of the territory and the direct exposure to the sea mean that rainy days are not so many.


800 meters of sandy beaches, one of the most beautiful and large on the eastern Ligurian Riviera, well equipped during the summer to fully enjoy the bathing season or for solitary walks in the company of seagulls in the other periods of the year. Always suitable for a relaxing stop after having walked a long way.


of the Verdeazzurro path, Deiva Marina is well connected to the network of paths that lead from Sestri Levante to Portovenere. Starting from Deiva Marina towards Cinque Terre, Framura can be reached in about 2 hours of walking and Moneglia, towards Genoa, in about 1h,30/2 hours.

From Framura you can continue walking to Bonassola, Levanto and then to Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore and Portovenere.
From Moneglia you can continue further up to Riva Trigoso and Sestri Levante and then come back perhaps by train, in a few minutes.

Unlike the Sentiero Azzurro that connects Monterosso to Riomaggiore, to access which you need to purchase the Cinque Terre Card, the trails in Deiva Marina and its surroundings are totally free of charge and open all year roud.


In the summer seasona comfortable and useful boat service connects Deiva Marina to Moneglia, San Fruttuoso, Portofino, Cinque Terre and Portovenere.


despite being a secondary station, Deiva Marina is served by many local trains that connect the town with the Cinque Terre, La Spezia, the Gulf of Tigullio, Santa Margherita - Portofino and the city of Genoa every hour.


Framura, Bonassola, Levanto, easily reachable from Deiva Marina in five minutes by train, even with bikes with you.

Footpaths in Deiva Marina and surroundings