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La Conchiglia apartment

The La Conchiglia apartment is located at via di Loca 296 A, in Riomaggiore, a city in the Cinque Terre, located more to the east. GPS reference: N 44°05891' E009°44.324. It is 10 minutes on foot from the beach and the station. Since is it located in the high part of the city, it boasts a magnificent view over the sea, over the houses of Riomaggiore and the Via dell'Amore (Way of Love). La Conchiglia is a 40 square meter apartment with two rooms and a wonderful view of the sea from all of the windows. The apartment has 4/6 beds and is made up of: a living room, a small kitchen, a room and a bathroom. The whole area of the apartment is covered by free Wi-Fi.

The living room, which offers a splendid view of the sea, the gardens and the city of Riomaggiore, has a two-person sofa-bed, a cupboard, a dining table, a wall hanger, a computer with free ADSL and a VOIP telephone that you can use to make free calls to numbers in Italy and to landlines in many other countries around the world.
The kitchen area is small but equipped with a stove with four burners, a refrigerator with a small freezer, an electric over to heat bread for breakfast and also, dishes, plates, cups, silverware and a coffee maker.
In the room, the double bed is separated from the two-person sofa-bed by a set of shelves. There is also a TV with some satellite channels and an antique wooden closed to hang your clothes.
The bathroom has a box wash, washing machine and hair dryer.

Amenities in the La Conchiglia de Riomaggiore apartment in the Cinque Terre.
Free Wi-Fi that you can use to connect to the internet freely and without complications.
Computers with ADSL for those who don't use Wi-Fi.
Telephone with the possibility of calling the Hotel Clelia Logis in Deiva Marina simply by dialing the extension 499 and it is always free to call landlines and cell phones in Italy or landlines in many other countries around the world.
Air conditioning and heating is provided by an ecological thermal pump distribution and a thermostat control.
Flat screen TV with some satellite channels.
Other amenities: digital safe, hair dryer, washing machine, low-consumption LED light bulbs.

Parking: Parking in the Cinque Terre, beyond being expensive, is not easy, especially in the summer months. In Riomaggiore there are two parking lots: one is free, around 2 km from the city. The other has few spaces, and payment is made a little before the barrier that delimits the zone that is closed to traffic. All of our clients, however, have the possibility of parking for free in Deiva Marina, between the Cinque Terre and Portofino at the Hotel Clelia Logis.
From Deiva Marina, you can arrive in Riomaggiore by train in 30 minutes.

Where to shop: Riomaggiore, as in the other cities of the Cinque Terre, you will find the necessities even in the winter, although some businesses only function seasonally. Anyone who wants to can arrive in La Spezia by train in only 10 minutes and do their shopping in the supermarkets there.

Some restaurants in Riomaggiore:
“A Piè de Ma’” - Via dell’Amore 55 - +39 0187.921037
Trattoria “Via dell’amore” Piazza Rio Finale, 8, 19017 Riomaggiore +39 0187 920860
Enoteca Da u CilBETAHai aggiunto Enoteca Dau Cila ai Preferitia - Via San Giacomo, 65 - Tel +39 0187 760032
Il Pescato Cucinato, friggitoria - Via Colombo 199 - +39 3392624815
Ristorante La Lanterna - Via BETASan Giacomo 10 - +39 0187-920-589
Ristorante Ripa del Sole - Via de Gasperi 282 - +39 0187 920143
Ristorante La Lampara - Via Malborghetto 10 - +39 0187920120

Our hotel, during the open times, has an excellent restaurant with fish cooked in the typical style and some revisited dishes from the French cuisine like the Royal Plateau. Unfortunately, it is in Deiva Marina (you choose! You can also eat at the pool).

Arriving at Riomaggiore by train and arriving at the apartment: When you are in the plaza in front of the station, turn to the right in the direction of the pedestrian tunnel that leads to Via Colombo, the main road that rises, where you will find the majority of the stores for food goods, commercial establishments, restaurants and bars. Go up the Via Colombo almost completely; once you pass the Croce Rosa (on the left) and the ecological island for selective collection (on the right), turn right on the Via di Loca, continuing until an overlook with benches and a beautiful view over Riomaggiore and the Cinque Terre. Here you can see a wooden sign that says "Clelia Apartments." Continue along the small cement road until you find the steps that, going down, take you to a house where, on the second floor, you will find the La Conchiglia apartment.

If you prefer to arrive in Riomaggiore by car, you should take the A12 highway, exiting at the La Spezia toll station and then continue down the coastal road in the direction of the city.
The city is closed to traffic. If you arrive at the barrier, park your car and unload your baggage. You will then continue on foot. Via Loca is the street that starts to the left, right after the church.

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