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Eco-Friendly Apartments in Deiva Marina between Cinque Terre and Portofino

An ecological house: You will probably be happy to know that all of our apartments in Deiva Marina, as well in the Cinque Terre, have small tricks to save energy, but particularly, the houses at Via Silvio Pellico 33 in Deiva Marina where you will spend your holidays, are great friends to the environment!

Corallo, Anemone and Madrepora apartments are located, respectively, on the ground floor, the first floor and the last floor of an ecological house that was completely reformed in 2010 according to rules inspired with respect to class A+ energy use for the environment.

The walls: of the Clelia ecological house are protected by a special coating, a "covering" that goes around the entire building and guarantees that the internal temperature is kept constant in a comfortable way without wasting energy.

There are solar panels on the roof because in Italy and, particularly, in Liguria, the Levant Coast and the Cinque Terre have the good fortune of 300 days of sun per year and it would be a sin to only use them to get a tan on the beach. You can also thank the sun for the hot water from the faucets in your apartment!

The installation of heating and air conditioning is done with a centralized thermal pump that is distributed through individual adjustment. Great performance is assured by a geothermic coil that uses ground water.

The photovoltaic installation connected to the solar panels guarantees a part of the electric current.

The light bulbs - all of the lights use LED technology for extremely low consumption.

The special faucets are equipped with a sensor that permits the use of only the water that you need without wasting it.

Garden irrigation: done using water from a well, not an aqueduct.

Our region, like that of the Cinque Terre, is fragile and should be protected.

Use the VOIP telephones that are found in the apartment to make free calls to Italy and landlines in many countries around the world: in this way you avoid using a cell phone, saving money and helping to reduce radio-electric pollution!

Save detergents through the use of water with a low amount of limestone produced by a water purifier.

Save insecticides: centralized system of aspiration expels air outside, avoiding the proliferation of mites and harmful insects.

Baskets for selective collection are right next to the Clelia Eco-Friendly apartments, on the promenade that leads to the parking lot behind the Hotel Clelia Logis: we ask you to use them by separating wet trash, metal, glass, plastic, used batteries and medicines. For used frying oil, please contact our reception desk. In the Cinque Terre, during the excursions, respect the indications about selective collection of wastes.

Turn off the lights when you leave a room, keep the windows closed if the air conditioning or heat are turned on. Use only the amount of cold water than you need and, even more, don't waste the hot water. These are behaviors that require a little effort, but they contribute a great deal to preserving the environment.

We love our Earth: we make these choices because we believe that the Cinque Terre and the areas around it should be respected and taken care of. We like to live in a clean environment and we believe in respecting nature and in green economy.
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